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  •  Conditioning your unit every week is highly recommended to keep your extensions hydrated, you may have to do it more often depending on how much product you utilize. You should shampoo your extensions about once a month with a sulfate free shampoo. Please do not excessively shampoo your extensions; it will dry out the hair.  Air drying is STRONGLY recommended, this is the most beneficial way to dry your hair. If you want to blow dry your hair please use a good heat protectant.

  • Silicon mix and TRESemmé smooth and silk shampoo and conditioner is recommended to use on our hair.

  • If you have deep wave or curly hair, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE HAIR HYDRATED. When wearing the hair in its natural state, use a spray bottle with water and leave in the conditioner. This will eliminate frizz and enhance your curls. A curl defining cream is optional; this will also enhance your curls. The best products to use for these textures are Aussie products.

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